PAM - written by Gene

Chapter Nine: The Company Picnic

The next morning, I was awakened by the nice smell of hot coffee brewing. When I arrived in the kitchen, Pam was lacing up a brand new pair of white Nike Air athletic shoes . She was wearing a fuchsia licra outfit. An elastic head-band held back her hair, her forehead pronouced and white. "I need to work out or I’ll get fat, she claimed. I'm going for a jog around the block.” She gave me a smack before leaving. As I grabbed her waist and slipped my hands onto her breasts

"Are you wearing a bra?" I asked, feeling that her tits were not swaying as freely under the fabric as usual

"Oh no. It's a leotard. I had a brand new bra, a special athletic one I just purchased, but I couldn't find it... You've destroyed or hidden it too, like all the others! I'll be late!"
she raced out the door.

After a few days of watching Pam exercising and primping herself before work each morning, I became so horny I could hardly stand it. But something had changed since her escapade at O'Mally's on Monday night. She acted distant towards me, avoiding my advances and unwilling to talk about us. She didn't seem to be interested in sex with me, yet she continued to find sexy outfits to wear to work each day.

She said that things were getting "complicated" and that she "didn't want to hurt me". I told her I loved her, and that I wasn't jealous of other men. She was becoming increasingly conscious of her weight and figure, avoiding meals and doing sit-ups and exercises in the living room in easy view of our nosey neighbors.

Each day that week Pam seemed to be pushing the bank's dress code further and further. On Friday morning, she came racing into the kitchen looking like a hooker with her hair all ratted up and her black leather micro skirt so short that the tops of her ultra-sheer long black stockings, garters and bare thighs were fully exposed.

"You've got to be kidding", I exclaimed at the sight of her. "You can't wear that to work at the bank, honey. Look at yourself in the mirror girl!"

"Oh shit", she cursed as she looked down, "I guess I can't wear 'em", she groaned as she kicked off her shoes and unsnapped the garter clasps and awkwardly peeled off silk hose right there in the kitchen, immediately followed by the removal of her black garter belt revealing that she was sans panties.

"I'm late, I've got to get going!" she barked as she stepped into a new pair of red five inch platform sandals which made her bare legs look four feet long. As she thrashed about the kitchen preparing a coffee for the road, my cock stiffened hard as steel as I could easily see her braless boobs and big nipples bobbing about under her sheer red blouse. And while I wanted to fuck her right there on the kitchen floor, all she did was to give me a peck on the check as she raced out the door.

Just when I thought we might never fuck again, I was gently awakened on Saturday morning with Pam's pretty pink cunt staring me right in the face as she began sucking my limp dick to wake me up.

In no time, my cock was standing tall and proud as she jerked and slurped like a pro as I aggressively probed, licked and peeled open her wet gapping cunt lips.

As I sucked and nibbled on her sweet & silky vagina, I could feel her heavy breasts dangling down onto stomach as we sixty-nined on my creaky old bed. I was truly in heaven as I parted her firm buns and pushed my face into her baby smooth ass crack and reached out to grasp her big stiff nibbies. I had stored so much cum during the week that I couldn't control and sent a first wad in the air. She didn't stop sucking myballs and cock until it was hard as a rock again and then fucked me hard for nearly an hour before I was ready to blow all my jizz

"Oh yea, give it to me baby!" she cried as I pumped my cock faster and deeper into her gushing wet pussy, then swiftly pulled out and spurting a huge load onto her heaving tits and cute face.

"Oh God, you have so much jizz", she laughed as my white spunk shot nearly two feet as I discharged onto her. Jesus, I was in love with this girl.

Then, after a minute of carressing, and without having mentioned it at all during the week, Pam suddenly announced that today was her bank's annual spring picnic, which was to be held at a large public park in the San Fernando Valley. Giving her humiliating experience at O'Mally's earlier in the week, I thought she would want to pass on it.

Yet, to my surprise, she was determined to "make an appearance" as she put it. In keeping with her new sexpot image, Pam spent an hour in front of the make-up mirror and then came out wearing ratty old cut-offs and a flimsy pale yellow crop top t-shirt.

It was so obvious she was deliberately showing off her beautiful all natural HH's as the hem line of her slight t-shirt generously showed the undersides of her silky smooth breasts, dangerously close to revealing her nipples as she walked into the living room carrying her baseball bat and glove.

The picnic was a big beer bust with burgers and baseball for all the regional offices of the bank. Pam insisted on playing baseball, barefoot and braless, to the delight of all the men and disgust of many of the women.

As the day heated up, I overheard a number of comments on Pam's "inappropriate" outfit and loose behavior. She quickly became the center of many conversations. I was both embarrassed and turned-on by Pam's outrageous sexy style. In a way I felt like a baffoon, yet I also loved being the lucky guy with the sexiest babe at the park. And my cock remained rigid as I watched her breasts bobbing about.

By the third inning, she was so sloshed on beer she didn't give a rat's ass about what anyone thought of her. Totally uninhibited, she paced about the bench in the dirt, yelling out obscenities like "swing you cocksucker" and "fuck 'em all!"

Finally at bat, Pam cocked her bat, swung and missed twisting her torso and sending her big boobs a jiggling like crazy. On the next swing, she connected, and when she did, she really cut loose, running the bases like a banshee, sending her pendulous hangers flying every which way with total abandon to everyone's amazement. Including me.

As she charged from base to base, her breasts leaped off her chest and slammed violently on her slender ribcage. Pam acted oblivious to her exposed breasts as she focused on the ball, the players and her raw determination to make a home run. Yet, I knew she was flashing everyone on purpose.

Some fellow employees were grossed out by Pam's lewd behavior. But her guy buddies from the bank were cheering "Go Pam! Go Pam! You can make it!"

Tagged out, she returned to the bench, popped open another cold one, standing right in front of everyone, she pulled up her top, flashing her bare whoppers into full view and then poured beer on her big bobbin' titties shouting "wet T-shirt contest!" She was drunk and full of spunk today!

"Suck your tits?" shouted Rubin, who'd been egging her earlier. "Ah right," she slurred, looking at a couple of guys sitting at the bench as she lifted her breast with both hands and sucked on her nipple.

"Hell yes! Go for it. All right Pam!" they cheered. I started feeling queasy as I realized she wasn't just showing off to please me anymore. She was exploiting herself and the other men where pushing her to go further.
Pam let her tit go and fall down heavily as she took the other one and lift it to her mouth.

"Wow! They're incredible! So big!! Can you shake'em? "Wanna see me shake these babies?" she bragged as she looked down at her pendulous breasts, grinning from ear-to-ear. She was obviously eager to show-off her bountiful bosoms for the luring men.

"All right, Pam Please shake 'em. That's it, shake 'em girl!"

"They are big, but I can shake 'em real good. Just sit and watch this!" She acted sassy - deliberately pinning back her shoulders, leaning forward and letting her heavy breasts carelessly flop back and forth faster and faster right in her fellow workers faces.

"PomPom girl!" she laughed as she began to jump and spread her legs as she clapped her hands and let her big tits flop and flap around naturally, her big nipples popping in and out of view.

"Opps, they're up again", she stopped to get her mitt. Without coaxing, Pam briskly jogged back onto the field, trotting quickly to her outfield position.

I was ready to jerk off in front of the entire bank I was so turned on. I was utterly amazed at what she was willing to do with those whoppers bouncing free.

I realized my fantasy babe was coming true, and I wasn't sure I could handle her. Pam was transforming herself as she slurped on another cold beer.

Many of the people were shocked and dismayed. Pam had always been so sweet and innocent. Now she was raunchy and sleazy. She was acting like a real slut today and off her body and acting lewd!

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed the top snap on her cut-offs was coming open. You could begin to see her shaved pubic mound. As she drank more, she became louder and more obnoxious, pushing other girls around with her tits, rolling her shoulders and deliberately jerking her boobs as if egging for a boob battle.

Every time she got to bat, she made a point of running the bases with total abandon - letting her beautiful boobs flop and fly every which way as if she was not feeling any pain in them, due to such a tremendous shaking

I was an emotional mess. On the one hand I was embarrassed and humiliated that my girlfriend was flashing her tits in front of all her co-workers. On the other hand, I had a hard-on that wouldn't quite. This was the most exciting experience of my life watching Miss Goody Two Shoes flaunt her goodies in front of all these strangers. It was wild and it was really happening!

At the end of the day, most of the employees packed their gear and took off. But about a half dozen guys stayed on, drinking beer and it seemed like they were waiting for something. Something like Pam maybe?

"Hey Gene, I think ya better check on Pam," suggested Brian who worked in accounting. "She's behind the dugout."

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"That's up to you fella."

Behind the dugout, I found Pam tit-fucking Rubin while two other guys stood on either side of her stroking their long cocks as Pam took turns sucking their dicks. Another guy had a camera and was taking pictures of her with her horny co-workers.

And they poured beer between her soft titties, she was holding her slippery boobs with both hands, tugging them around Rubin's raging cock as she jerked him off with her boobs.

She laughed as she dropped her boobs and grabbed another cock, pulling it up to her mouth as she furiously sucked and jerked him with an open mouth.

Then she saw me. "Come over here and pull on my nipples," she belched, laughing insanely. "Come on, play with my big tits!" she begged as she sucked on her own big nipple. "Stretch 'em, I want you to stretch 'em hard."

She reached out and grabbed my hand and placed it on her big stiff nipple. "Go on, pinch hard and pull on my tit. I want you to!" she commanded.

I pinched and began to lift her boob as I pulled her nipple away from her chest.

"Aouuch!! Go on, really pull it hard! I can take it. Pull harder!!" she shouted as she looked down at her distended breast.

"Oh come on Gene, that's hardly anything. Here, let these guys do it." she encouraged her two yonger fellow workers as she pushed her breasts into their greedy hands.

"Gene doesn't care if you pull on my tits, do you Gene?"

"Hey now, go easy!" I demanded as the guys pushed me aside and grabbed at Pam's breasts

"Don't hassel it Gene", she slurred, "they do this all the time at work now that I go braless". Pam confessed with a little devil grin in her eyes. "I love having my tits stretched", she giggled as she pushed her boobs into their greedy hands.

"One, two, three" she counted as they both pulled on her nipples, distending her breasts. "That's it! Pull 'em off my chest harder!! Stretch'em as far as you can!!"... "harder!!harder!!!! "she shouted hysterically as she watched her breasts pulling further off her chest . .


The two guys were pulling and twisting without restrain now . Deep creases were folding all over the lenght of the distended titties and her nipples stretched out several inches.

Pam loved the attention as the cameras flashed and more guys gathered around to watch her see how far she'd let stretch her teats.

She loved the bizarre and kinky image she was portraying and toked on a hash pipe as other guys took turns pulling on her tits to how far they'd stretch.

"Pull harder," she commanded. "Make 'em sting!" she squealed, leaning back to stretch them as far as she possibly could.

She was a becoming a very kinky girl and I was going into a state of sexual shock. Just to prove she'd do anything to abuse her tits, she asked to have her arms tied behind her back.

"That's it, I'll punch you with my tits," she threatened as she jerked her shoulders, whipping her heavy breasts back and forth.

"Come on, I'll fight you with my tits," she told the guys as they reached out to grab at her swinging boobs.

"Oh yea, that's it. Slap my tits. Slap 'em hard. I love it. Make 'em sting. Make 'em red. Go on. Bruise 'em." she growled as she jerked harder sending her boobs flying from her chest as the guys slapped and socked her boobs with their hands and fists.

Things started getting ugly when Pam spit at this one guy - who yanked her nipple and pulled her hair. The others pulled her cut offs to her knees, and before I knew it, they were fingering her ass, prying open her shaved pussy and pinching and pulling her boobs like taffy.

Pam continued to punch with her tits and stroke their cocks as they pushed them in her face. The whole scene was getting out of control when I decided it was time to get going.

Pam was so stoned she could hardly walk. Her cut offs were ripped wide open on the legs and her top was now in two pieces leaving her bobbing breasts fully exposed. I finally poured her into the car and took her home where she passed out and slept until 4pm on Sunday.

Her tits were so sore, she massaged them with lotion constantly for the next days as the bruises appeared and changed color from blue and black to brown and yellow. But with the help of make-up, her tits looked even bigger than ever, and her nipples seemed to be constantly stiff.

But the excitement of being nearly rapped was a turn-on for Pam and she was constantly hot to fuck. We screwed three and four times a day, often in front of the mirror so she could watch herself bouncing her tits and my cock slamming in and out.

End of chapter 9 (to be continued)

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